KZN Learning Clan

Food Lovers

Learning Clan is a bring-your-own-food situation as self-sufficiency is the aim.

However… if you love to cook, and would like to earn some Talents, then share your skills and make a meal, have a little restaurant or juice bar or coffee shop. You would have to buy your ingredients in cash, but then selling it in Talents will give you a way of earning Talents to spend on other people’s offerings.
Everyone loves to eat ready-made food, especially after camping for a few days. Make an announcement at the morning check-in or post on the notice board what you’ll be offering, where and when and your price in Talents.

People are expected to bring their own bowls and forks so no need to provide wasteful packaging. They also take care of their own washing so you can keep the prices nice and affordable 🙂

and lastly..

Bring everything you need to prepare your meal!

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