KZN Learning Clan

Umzumbe, South Coast

Worker's Day Weekend


At our co-created temporary eco-village during the bi-annual gathering, experts in our community generously share their knowledge, skills and passions on a wide range of topics.

At one of our ‘Bush-Talk or Live Demonstration Platforms’; learning about things that matter; self sustainablility, exploring micro economies and empowering ourselves,

Come learn and be inspired by how others tackle  environmental and sustainability issues, and, after sunset, enjoy life acoustic music by the fires and celebrating life!

Kzn Learning Clan is a family friendly ​and alcohol free affair.

Teaching and Learning

Bring your curiosity and immerse yourself in a wide range of learning opportunities. Share what you know about living a more empowered life.

Trading and Earning

We practice how to trade with each other, without controlled money and the banking system. We gift, swop, barter, and use the Community Exchange System.

Yoga and Healing

Take the opportunity to give yourself some you time. The Heart Space and Red Tent is for healing, bodywork, self-exploration sessions and more.

Relaxing and Playing

Chillout and relax, or dip in our naturesque fresh-water dams, explore the forests or a short hike to the beach, dance under the stars, cook up a meal with family and friends

Music and Dancing

Drumming draws the village together at sunset, for a shake down and a checkin. The live stage and fire-side acoustic sessions fill the evenings with options for dance and entertainment

Honouring Life

Conscious living, off the grid, using the sun and wind for power where possible, minimising waste, doing no harm
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